Effects of Robotics on Humanity in the Next 20 Years

Robotics has progressed to the extent that machines shall be used to keep an eye on all household and professional activities conceptualized as Internet of Things. The application of robots would not be restricted to only perform life-threatening tasks such as defusing detonators after detection. There is much more to come.

Intelligent Search Engines

Human cognitive abilities are being honed by the advancement of intelligent machines. The pace with which the cognitive abilities of computer systems have progressed, it has resulted into intelligent search engines such as Google which keeps a record of the material being searched most frequently and consequently provide the content analogous to the searched material. With the integration of microphone with Google has paved the way for machines to perform all the clerical tasks with a single audio command of an individual. Pertinent material will be searched and prepared by intelligent soft wares similar to Siri as found in i Phone.

The fundamental influence of machines would be witnessed on professions demanding repetitive assessment of data. The statement is alarming as it clearly draws a line between professions requiring manual labor and the ones based on analytical reasoning. Although, the continuous advancement of Artificial Intelligence is putting every profession at stake; professions involving redundant set of patterns are being challenged the most.

Automated Transport System

The impact is manifested within the domain of transportation. Myriad of automated gas delivering robots have turned out to be a successful project. In addition, driverless transport system is now being tested and applied in multiple countries to minimize the percentage of accidents caused by human anxiety and error on the roads.

The influence of machines is also vivid within the defense system of developed and developing countries. Drones are now being used for navigation and combat particularly within different war zones to reduce the rate of human casualties. Furthermore, bipedal machines are also being tested to be used on land, as conceptualized in different Science Fiction Movies as Cybernetics Organisms.

AI Doctors

The medical profession is being strongly influenced by the recent advancement in image processing technologies. The efficiency of machines in diagnosis has turned out to be quite higher than an average medical officer. A similar scenario is observed within the pharmaceutical industry. The production rate of pharmaceutical companies accelerates with the application of robots in preparing medicines within a short span of time and avoids any miscalculation that might threaten human lives.

AI Instructor

An artificially intelligent avatar shall become the new instructor at each institution as it would possess the capability to search for the relevant methodology from its archive for teaching humans of a particular age.  The upcoming intelligence may also challenge the established laws of physics and biological sciences.

AI is the future of human progression in technology.  It is going to affect every field of our lives, personal and professional. It is going to reduce human factors in many areas, especially of menial kind. Use of robotics in production lines has already increased the productivity of factories; its impact in other professionals is yet to be seen, which is sooner than we think.

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