Five Career Development Tools that will help you to build a Strong Career

Do you find it difficult to achieve your career goals? Ease your path of achieving your career goals by using some career development tools.

Career development tools has the same significance as craftsman’s tools have. Both work to produce the best results.

Let’s have a look at how these five career development goals make it easy for you to achieve your goals:

Career Development Coaching

Career Development Coaching’s definition given by International Federation of Coaching (ICF) states that it is a creative and thought-provoking process in which a person is getting a support of a career coach to maximize his personal and professional potential.

Though people can achieve success without taking help from anyone, yet a strong career guideline given by a career coach can increase his chances of success.

The strength of a Career Development Plan

A career development plan is a list of short and long-term goals that are created with respect to current and future jobs. This plan helps a person to build a strong career in his life by fulfilling all the respective goals.

The support of a career coach in devising a career development plan maximize your chances of getting success. So if you want to have a potential career in your life, list down all your goals and then start implementing them.

Usage of a Career Development Software

A career development software provides tips to employees to develop their own careers within the organization. There are many organizations that empower their employees with a career development software. For example, Seattle Genetics, SAS, Amazon etc.

A career development software combines with career aptitude test, performance appraisals and other career development tools to guide an employee about developing his career within an organization. In short, an organization lets an individual choose a direction that he wants to head towards.

Career Development Assessment

Career Development Assessment is all about knowing your strengths, values, interests, motivations, personality traits and emotional intelligence. You need to have knowledge about your core abilities down pat. This will help you secure a better position in your current company, and will also improve your chances of getting a strong position in the future.

You can try many online assessments such as Myers-Briggs, Keirsey Temperament Sorter, MAPP Test,, Big Five, 16personalities, MyNextMove, and iSeek ”Cluters” to gain an insight about your personality and traits.

Peer and Colleague Review

There are many people around us, including our parents, teachers and friends, who offer us a useful insight about ourselves. They know about our qualities, strengths and weaknesses more than us, so their advices are valuable. Though these advices are not as valuable as an advice of a career-couch but yet they have some significance. The best part about their advices is that they are not enveloped in a sugar coating of words. They are honest reviews.

What you need to do is to create a practical model by gathering a small group of people who know you. After creating a model, nominate each person and ask him about your strengths and weaknesses. You will find that they will tell you so many things about yourself that you might not be aware of. These things will help you to develop a sound career.

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A British education expert, Axel Flores, wrote this article and currently works in pay to have a research paper done British educational department.