Long Term Effects of Living in Technological World

Technology has a deep impact on our daily lives. Automation and electronic devices have taken the menial tasks in their own hands, making our lives easier and better. Our personal and professional life is governed by gadgets like mobiles, laptops and Tablets. These devices have revolutionised the concept of communication, multitasking and time management. Here in this article, we are going to discuss some of the long-term effects that technology have on our lives, which can be positive and negative.


The most advantageous feature of progression in communication technology is the introduction of cellular phones. Cellular phones have made the communication with one’s family and loved ones easier and effective. You can call anyone from anywhere without any delay. It took a step further into smartphone era, and made video calling possible. WhatsApp and Skype provide the facility of video calling which helped people living far away from each other, to communicate and see each other in person. This has helped, not only on personal level but also helped businesses to flourish and cross the barriers of being a local entity to becoming an international brand. Multimedia communication has revolutionised education sector in prodigious way, by allowing students to attain education remotely. Online education has made it possible for people to get courses which their local institutes fail to offer.


The life expectancy rate has improved a lot with the technological advancement in medical sciences, with better means and machinery available to help diagnose and cure diseases, which were considered incurable in the past. People with disabilities of limbs, are being provided with prosthetics that help them to walk again and lead a normal life. Various advanced healthcare facilities available in hospitals today, could only be dreamed of a century ago.


The biggest innovation of mankind is in the sector of automation. The inventions of various electronic machines have made our lives easier and less laborious. Washing Machines, Vacuum Cleaners and Dishwashers have made life at home better and improved living standards of people phenomenally. Factories are producing goods at phenomenal rate by using machines and robotics instead of human hand. Travelling from one place to another has become fast and efficient making the world a global village. Harvesting and reaping of crops is being done by machines making it easier and more productive as compared to yesteryears.

The list can go on about the ways technology has changed our lifestyle and facilitated us in more ways than imaginable a century ago. All said, its negative effects cannot be ignored as they are numerous and have affected our living, health and social behaviour. Some of them are:

  • Pollution
  • Social isolation
  • Obesity
  • Energy crisis

These are the direct or indirect results of technological progression and can only be curbed by united efforts of mankind. Factors like pollution can be addressed by practicing moderation in our use of latest technology, especially for travelling. Our inactivity and anti-social attitude is due to overuse of digital devices like mobiles, Tablets etc. that can also be controlled by reducing their use.

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