Seven Steps To Higher Mobile App Revenues In 2017

In past few years, mobile apps have become one of the leading platforms to improve the business reach among different industries. Most of the business owners have started realising the importance of a competent mobile app and have started moving their business towards mobile commerce platform. But, as the number of players is increasing on the mobile platform, managing business output and increasing revenues at a consistent pace might not be that easy.

So, here are seven steps that can help you in churning out higher mobile app revenues in 2017.

1) Improve Search And Personalization Features

If you don’t have proper search functionality then a user might not be able to search the desired product or service, which is disappointing for the user. Usually, a user tends to search specific products or service by typing the keyword in the search box and inappropriate results lead to increased bounce rate. Therefore, it is necessary that your mobile app has efficient search functionality.

The app should also allow giving personification options to the frequent visitors that will help in improving the user retention. Special discounts, reminders for sales, and invitation to finish an online transaction might help in improved engagement which further leads to improved revenues.

2) Improved Speed And Performance

If your app takes a lot of time to load then this is an alarming situation for you, as users often get frustrated when pages don’t load on time. To give an improved experience to your users on the mobile platform, work on evolving a framework which requires fewer clicks and page loads, which will save a significant amount of time and drive revenue in a significant manner.

One should focus on the areas where customers tend to lose and revenue leaks. Coming up with solutions that give value to each step a user navigates might help in better user experience and improved revenue.

3) Engage Through Mobile Messaging

Mobile marketing is not just restricted to the mobile friendly website and mobile apps. The new player which is gaining the attention of users is ‘Mobile Messaging’. In order to reach your prospective customers in a better way, try to reach through popular messaging platforms, which can help in building a direct relationship with a customer.

4) Adopt Mobile Email

Despite the fact that Email marketing has been overused and now don’t hold much importance; a recent study revealed that 55% emails are opened on mobile devices which have better engagement. The key is to go short on content, a crisp subject line which can directly gain the attention of a user, and interactive images. Emails with fewer images tend to get higher clicks over the emails that consist of a higher number of images.

5) Invest In Mobile Advertising

As the mobile browsing is increasing at a significant rate, advertising on this platform has become more important. According to a report from Business Insider, the revenues through mobile advertising saw a steady growth graph over the non-mobile advertising revenue. If you have not started investing in the mobile advertising in 2017 then plan, execute, and gain profit.

6) Improved Security And Privacy

In recent times, it has been identified that users tend to prefer mobile platforms with better security and privacy measures over the ones that are not able to provide impeccable measures. There is a huge chunk of people who are still reserved about entering their credit or debit card information at the time of checkout.

So, if you can assure your users about their security and privacy, it will surely help them in increasing their engagement with your platform, further leading to multiplication of revenues.

7) Promotional Services

This is one of the best-proven methods that have resulted in improved revenues for the mobile app owners. This technique has not only seen a decent growth in popularity in recent years, however, it has also shown impressive results. Offering additional service or discount on a purchase tends to boost the purchasing tendency of a user, which also attracts other users gradually.

This is highly beneficial for service based apps whose business depends on the repetitive orders. The biggest example of the success of this method is Uber. The app regularly uses promotional codes for attracting customers and lead to improved business revenues along with providing discounts to a user. This also helps in customer retention.

There are a number of ways in which you can increase the revenue but, the above-mentioned measures are the ones that have resulted in higher returns over the other methods. So, analyze, understand and implement to get higher revenues from your mobile app.

About The Author:

Ashish Sharma is a Key Account Manager, looking after Marketing Strategies and building new business tie ups at WeDigTech – Web designing Company. Focused on helping enterprises StartUps from domestic to MNCs.