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In places like the Canada, where cell phone companies offer discounted or free cell phones that have cell plans, these cell phones are often blocked to prevent them from working with other companies. Carriers say this is necessary to subsidize the spending of cell phones. After a certain period of time, a carrier may agree to unlock the cell phone if requested and may charge a fee. However, as a result of the proprietary configuration that is sometimes installed on blocked cell phones, they do not always work properly with other cell phone companies after they are unlocked.

Almost 80% if all cell phones sold in Canada unlocked. Unlocked cell phones offer consumers the option of using numerous low-cost service providers. Roaming charges can be very expensive if you are in another country or state. The only solution that exists for you is to change your SIM card so that you can use a local service provider. When buying cheap unlocked cell phones you have the freedom to do this without losing on your cell phone.

These days, all cell phone retailers sell cheap unlocked cell phones as they are hugely popular. As a result of competition among numerous cell phone brands, unlocked cell phones have become very cheap. In the Canada, these cell phones are available for a little like $ 25 apiece. These cell phones also come with built-in music player and radio that will add to your cell phone experience.
As far as the consumer is concerned, this practice of operators who block cell phones and use proprietary settings defeats most of the advantages of SIM cell phones. The numerous complaints led to a class action suit. Ideally, cell phones should be left unlocked or at least unlocked after the expiration of the initial contract.

One of the ways to get unlocked cell phones without the proprietary configuration is to buy them brand new from a third party provider in its original, unlocked condition. The downside of doing this is that the cost is usually close to the total retail cost. Many consumers may find it difficult to find the money needed for a cell phone that they may be able to get for free with a plan. The advantage is that the third-party cell phone that is unlocked should work just as well with any company that uses a SIM card.

Unlocked cell phones are in such demand that there are many third party services that will unlock cell phones for a fee. This does not always guarantee that unlocked cell phones will work properly, as proprietary settings may remain. There are also numerous instructions that are available online to unlock cell phones, but a cell phone that is unlocked incorrectly may be unusable.

Companies that use SIM cards operate in the GSM network. In the Canada, this includes T-Cell, AT & T Wireless and Cingular Wireless. There are some companies that use the CDMA network of the competition that do not use cell phones enabled by a card. These carriers are Virgin Cell, Verizon and Sprint PCS. The CDMA is similar to a SIM card. In the future the R-UIM cards will be used by the transporters.

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